The Bard’s Harps in Wehl

(De Troubadour Harpen)

You are welcome to come in and thumb through our sheet music, or to try any of our harps. We always keep 30 to 40 harps in stock in our store.

Each saturday, the door is open from 10.00 to 13.00 hours, but of course you are more than welcome to make an appointment for advice on buying a new harp, to try out some of our sheet music or to pick-up some new strings.

On appointment, you are welcome on each day of the week, during day time, as well as in the evenings. Sorry, but we are closed on sundays.

The Bard’s Harps is the specialist on American-made lever harps. Among our harps you will find harps with special decorations and a large variety in sound. From warm, gut strung, concert harp to bright, carbon strung, Celtic harp. We truly have all sizes of lever harps available!

Whether you are looking for a beautiful, great sounding troubadour travel harp, a larger Celtic harp or a classical concert harp with extended soundboard, you will find it all at our store in Wehl

We also sell occasion harps, sheet music, harp therapy materials and strings. Within our own workshop you can have your harp restrung, regulated, decorated, or bring your harp in for regular maintenance, or smaller scale repairs. For larger repairs, we work together with internationally acknowledged harp technicians, like Michael Parfett, who will visit our store regularly. 

We try to add new products to our store regularly, including which new brands and models of harps and new sheet music. So please check back regularly!

Good intentions for 2020?


Now at an even better price! Start renting a harp now and you will get the first month for free!

This offer ends February 29th!

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Castlefest 2019 is over!

We have enjoyed Castlefest 2019 a lot, and hopefully so have you! It has been incredibly busy at the harp workshops, over 300 enthusiastic people (or elves, monsters and other creatures) have learned how to play the harp during this fantastic weekend.

Also many thanks to all our volunteers that made this weekend possible.

Than you all and hopefully we will meet again next year!

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Now for sale at The Bard’s Harps:

The Teifi Harps from Wales!

The renowned harp manufacturer Teifi from Wales has been working hard to imrove on their existing models and they were looking for a partner that shared their enthousiasm and love for the instruments as much as they do themselves.

We are proud to announce that we will be carrying these beautiful harps in our store!!

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Harp First-Aid workshop

What to do when there is no technician around to help you?

Need more confidence in handling your harp?

In this workshop our technician Michel will teach you all kinds of tricks and advise on what to do when you encounter difficulties with your harp that can not wait untill the next servicing. From changing a string to fixing an annoying buzz.

keep an eye on our workshop page for new dates and locations!


Now available for download

Our full price list with all the harp models:


Full “Rainbow of Sound” series of Harpsicles available for rent or workshops

We now have six brightly colored fullsicle harps from Reed harps available for rent and workshops. Are you teaching a workshop or organizing an other activity, for instance with children and harps? You can now rent this complete set of harps including six adjustable stands. Rental periods start as short as half a day. Contact us for our prices and more information.


Welcome at The Bard’s Harps

we make your (harp)dream come true!

What are your good intentions for 2020?

NEW by Blevins Harps!

The Featherlight 26!

Together with Blevins Harps we have developed a new, light weight, therapy harp and it will be available soon in our store! A new, super light harp with a gorgeous sound!

The harp is made out of 100% natural wood, so no carbon fibre inlays, so that the sound remains natural and unique for each harp. Available soon at a very competative price!

Click here to see how these wonderful harps are being made: (video provided by Blevins Harps!):

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