De Troubadour Harpen is your address for service and repairs on all brands of harps. We are also your certified service partner for Camac harps. Both lever and pedal harps are more than welcome!

If you would like our skilled technician to work on your harp, please call or e-mail us:


In our harp-studio we are able to perform many kinds of repairs and adjustments on your harp, as well as regular service rounds, regulation of your harp, fixing buzzes, adjusting and replacing levers and many other harp related problems. We also do regulation and servicing of pedal harps.

Dropped your tuning key? Knocked your music stand against the pillar? It happens to everyone. We are specialized in repairing all kinds of damage to the wood of the harp virtually invisible. But also more severe damages after a fall, or for instance caused by poor humidity conditions can be repaired with great care.

See some of our before- and after pictures:



Please contact us for more information on what we can do for your harp.

We are well equipped and trained by several international renowned harp repair professionals and our technician is certified by Camac to work on their harps, so your harp will be in save hands. We work together with Michael Parfett from Michael Parfett conservation studios, so if you have a major or very complicated harp problem, Michael will be coming over from the UK to guarantee you the best possible service.

Standard regulating services:

The standard prices for regulating a lever harp are as follows:

harp with 19 - 22 strings: € 59,00

harp with 23 - 26 strings: € 69,00

harp with 27 - 30 strings: € 79,00

harp with 31 - 35 strings: € 89,00

harp with 36-40 strings: € 99,00

harp with 41+ strings: upon request

Usually, regulating and checking a harp will take about 1,5 to 2,5 hours.

If more work is needed because of complicated buzzes and other problems, charges are €65,- per hour.

Of course everything will be done in accordance with your wishes, we will always keep you posted about the progress on your harp

Services on site:

If coming to us with your harp is difficult for you, we can come to you!

Many small repairs and services can be done on site, at your home or work. In case your harp is in need of more complicated repairs or a full revision it will have to be transported to our own harp-studio. We can provide you with our own pick-up and return service. (an additional fee applies to our on-site or pick-up and return service)


Service & Repairs