Blevins is a well known name in the United States.

After the retirement of Dwight Blevins it took about

a year to find a worthy successor. The Wright family,

based in the same town as Dwight turned out to be exactly

what everyone was looking for. A driven family of craftsmen

and harpists. Aiming to make these wonderful harps Dwight

Designed even better than they were before.

Searching for improvements, new materials and techniques Dale Wright and his family are continuing in the harp making tradition the way Dwight started the company many years ago.

This results in harps that not only look nice, but most of all, sound amazing! These harps are many people’s biggest surpise in sound and can not be found in many other harps.

They are the specialist in the field of lapharps. These smaller harps are well equipped to compete with many other larger harps on their sound, projection and volume.

With their friendly and warm sound many of these harps find themselves being used for harptherapy, especially the Bourree and the Eden and the newly developed Featherlight, made out of light weight wood and components, maintaining the natural sound of the wood, but reducing the weight to only 3,2 kg (fully levered)!

Try Blevins’ harps and be amazed!

Blevins offers a manufacturers warranty of 5 years on a new harp.

Harp assortment - Blevins

All models are fitted with Tuitt levers. Loveland levers are available upon request. The harps are made of your standard wood choice of walnut or cherry, but specifically at Blevins many different special woods are possible, like “figured poplar”, “purple heart” or “spalted gum”.

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