Triplett has been designing and building harps of the

highest quality since 1980. The harps made by Triplett

well known for their superb sound, their looks and the

craftmanship of the builder.

Their eye for detail is visible in each harp, in the

construction, as well as in the finish of the harp.

Triplett harps are available in several types of wood.

The soundboard is made of very well resonating cedar

and sitka Spruce. It is also possible to have your harp

decorated with abalone or wood inlay, or choose to have

special laser engravings with celtic knotwork for instance

in the T-brace of your harp.

For the past thirty years these harps have been known for

their special, characteristic sound. The high- and midrange

octaves are characterised bij their clarity, while the basses

are full and resonant.

With a wide selection of harps in different styles and sizes, Triplett offers a perfect harp to the beginner and the professional alike. It’s for a reason that bands like Omnia, Kelten zonder Grenzen and Leaf all play a Triplett!

Triplett offers a manufacturers warranty of 7 years on all new harps.

Harp assortment - Triplett

Triplett Harps

All models are fitted with Camac levers. Truitt levers at a surcharge available. The harps are made of your choice of walnut, cherry, maple or sapele wood.

Due to the fluctuating exchange rates at the moment we are unable to publish all prices on our website. Please check our online price list or contact us for the most recent prices.